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Unity Yoga Ayurveda

Specialising in Health & Wellness

Susan Deakin combines her wisdom and knowledge of two most extraordinary sciences that mankind has ever discovered.

Like Yoga, Ayurveda dates back over five thousand years and is one of the most remarkable holistic medical systems in the world.  It covers all aspects of health and well-being- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  It includes all methods of healing from diet, exercise and lifestyle regimens to yogic practices and meditation aimed at relieving diseases of body and mind.  Susan recommends on your first visit book for an Ayurveda massage or a full Health Consultation.  In this visit Susan will find out your unique dosha, from seven different body types.   This will help in prescribing the right treatment plan to improve your diet and well being.

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About Unity Yoga Ayurveda

Unity Yoga Ayurveda was established in 2013 as a thriving Yoga studio offering classes and Yoga Teacher Training.  Things have changed over time and a new name has combined Yoga and Ayurveda, now named Unity Yoga Ayurveda.

Susan has her treatment room in Shakespeare Street offering Health Consultations and treatments six days per week.  To book in to see Susan go to Ayurveda  Treatments tab above      

May all beings find happiness.

May all be free of disease.

May all see what is auspicious.

May no one suffer.

OM, peace, peace, peace


Health Consultations

Ayurveda is one of the oldest scientific health care systems in the world 5000 years old, with an established record of clinical experience. Talk to us about how to make positive change in your health.

Yoga Classes &
Live Streaming

Sue’s teaching is Ayurvedic Yoga which employs aspects of all the yoga depending upon level, temperament and constitution of the individual to aid in their healing, right lifestyle and spiritual development.  


We run comprehensive 8 Limb Yoga Programs and workshops to help you learn useful ways to improve your well-being. Find out more about the various programs and workshops we offer in Mackay , Queensland.


I have regularly practiced yoga with Sue at 8 Limb Yoga Studio since February 2015. I have
always enjoyed and resonated with the style of yoga she teaches along with the input of
sound Ayurvedic principles ....

- Karen McMillan -