Ayurvedic Yoga one-on-one Consultation
Ayurvedic Yoga one-on-one Consultation

These one on one sessions can assist with a range of physical, emotional and mental health concerns. Ayurveda Yoga is a form of yoga.  It can be called the yoga of healing.


Ayurveda employs aspects of all the yoga’s depending upon the level, temperament and constitution of the individual to aid in their healing, right lifestyle and spiritual development.


While yoga in general can be considered a therapeutic practice, the very nature of a group class is more directed to the group as a whole and may not be suitable for those presenting specific injuries or health concerns rather than the individual’s needs.


Sue will be listening to your concerns, gaining insight into your current abilities around movement and breath and identifying your goals.


A private Consultation is different to your regular Yoga class as it will be an individualized approach to suit your needs, abilities and take into account your current lifestyle and commitments.


The sessions include the use of Yogic principals and tools such as breath, sound/mantra , specific movements, meditation and mindfulness to assist you with achieving your goals.


From this Sue will design an easy to follow program for you to practice at home that will lead you in a progressive manner towards wellness.


Yoga private sessions will help you understand and manage your body better. Yoga will improve your posture and breathing and help the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and nervous systems function more smoothly – meaning you’ll suffer less physical pain and experience a better quality of life.


Follow up sessions are recommended for continued support and guidance. These sessions work well as a complimentary practice to other forms of treatment and compliments the Ayurvedic treatments/therapies.

Ayurvedic Yoga can address a wide range of concerns such as:


  • Back, neck, shoulder and knee pain

  • Respiratory problems such as asthma

  • General health and fitness

  • Postural correction

  • Women’s health/pregnancy

  • Recovery after an injury or illness

  • Stress relief

  • Depression and anxiety

How to Purchase your session or package

  • Once you have clicked book now you will be redirected to make payment for your chosen session/package.

  • Following your payment, you will be taken to the calendar to book a time for your first session that best suits you.  Sue will then contact you within the next 24 hrs of receiving your contact details to make sure you feel comfortable before you begin your selfcare yoga program.

  • At the first session with Sue you can book your remaining classes according to the package purchased.

  • Any further queries before you purchase please contact us directly, we are happy to assist you further.


Yoga session


One on One – 1 hour session

 Personalized Starter Pack Private Yoga sessions


Initial Consultation – 60- 90mins

2 privates Sessions – 60-90 mins

Personalised home practice

Package of 5

private sessions


For those who have completed the starter pack

5x Private sessions- 60 minutes duration